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Bright memory

Bright memory

The staff of the Nikopol Faculty of the Institute of Integrated Forms of Education of NMetAU deeply grieves over the sudden death of Petr Vyacheslavovich Drozhzhi, associate professor of the Department of Theory, Technology and Automation of Metallurgical Processes.

He was only 65 years old, and with his energy he could still do a lot both in the scientific and in the educational field.

He was an intelligent, decent, honest and highly cultured person. He was distinguished by kindness, responsiveness, justice, selflessness, love of life, a deep sense of humor.

His professionalism and excellent human qualities won him the love of not only colleagues, but also students.

The cheerful, friendly nature of this person with a pure heart always gave a friendly smile at every meeting, finding a kind word for everyone and everyone.

God took his kind and bright soul into his arms. But realizing this does not diminish the pain of loss.

A person lives as long as he is remembered.

The bright memory of Petr Vyacheslavovich will always live in our hearts.

Dean of the Nikopol Faculty of NMetAU             G. I. Tolstikov

Information 25.10.2020.

Technological Faculty (Nikopol sity)

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