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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Specialization "International economics",
speciality: 051 - Economics


bachelor, master


- analysis of the modern international economy, international strategies for economic development, management of international competitiveness and foreign economic activity;
- рossession of foreign business languages;
- keeping records and reporting in accordance with international financial reporting standards;
- application of modern technologies for solving practical problems in the field of the international economy;
- мanagement of international investment projects, international finance, changes in international business, sectoral markets.


On the department is been the educationally-professional program "International economy" per the first (by a bachelor) and second (by a master's) levels of higher education per speciality the 051 "Economy" of area of knowledge 05 "Social and behavioral sciences".

Graduates of the direction "International economy", what got qualification of bachelor, allow to work on the posts:
- governor of functional subdivision; 
- economist, analyst, accountant on government and private enterprises that carry on foreign economic activity; 
- in organs of government possession and municipal self-government; 
- in bank and financial organizations.

Graduates of the direction "International Economics", what got qualification of master, allow to work on the posts:
- head of the department of foreign economic activity of the enterprise;
- economist in the sphere of foreign economic activity of the enterprise;
- teacher of the university;
- analyst, head of the analytical center;
- head of the department of marketing of foreign economic activity of the  enterprise.

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