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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Specialization "Chemical engineering of porcelain, ceramics of refractory nonmetallic materials",
speciality: 161 - Chemical Technology and Engineering


Bachelor, Specialist and Master


The objects of graduate’s professional activity  on speciality "Chemical technology of refractory non-metal and silicate materials" are materials and wares from ceramics, refractories astringent, glass, composites on their basis, technology of their creation and treatment, appropriate interconnections of structure and properties of materials with their technological and operating parameters.

A graduate gets skills on experimental determination of chemical, mineralogical and granulometric composition, structure, physical and chemical properties of substances and materials of inorganic and organic origin, thermodynamics, kinetic and other physical and chemical parameters of flowing of chemical reactions and heat- and mass exchange processes, and also calculation or prognostication of basic technological parameters of model physical and chemical, mechanical, heat- and mass exchange processes in chemical technology of refractory non-metal and silicate materials, implementation of reasonable choice of method of basic technological equipment and flowsheet of production of silicate materials.


The speciality «Chemical technologies of refractory non-metal and silicate materials» includes totality of facilities, ways, and methods of human activity for research, development and application of high-efficiency ceramic heat-resistant and astringent materials, glass materials, composite materials on their basis, and also creation of technological processes of their production.

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