Institute of Industrial and Business Technologies
Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

educational and professional program "Management and engineering of production of ferrous metals",
speciality: 136 - Metallurgy


Bachelor and Master degrees


Department graduates acquire the skills of theoretical research, analysis and design of metallurgical processes for getting metals and alloys in reducing and oxidizing conditions. Graduates perform thermodynamic analysis of reactions, kinetic studies; mathematical modeling of fundamental interactions. They know how to collect production data, analyze them and give recommendations.

They can work in a Scientific Research Institute, Central Laboratories of a plant or a factory, universities, businesses metallurgical structures.



Licensed volume of students admission for the 1st year is one group of 30 people. College graduates are enrolled to 3 year. In addition, the Department provides training of highly qualified specialists (Candidates and Doctors of Sciences), by means of Doctoral studies and Postdoctoral research, as well as raising the level of proficiency and retraining of university teachers, technical and engineering staff.