National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

educational and professional program "Professional education (Metallurgy)",
speciality: 015.12 - Professional education (Metallurgy)





Qualifications: Training teacher

 Training teacher ensures the acquisition of profession in professional education program, training and exchange network of enterprises and organizations, as well as centers for training, retraining and upgrading the skills of workers and professional employment services.

Training teacher:

-organizes and conducts theoretical studies on the general professional and special courses of study; practical training in groups of related occupations metallurgical occupations based on the combination of practical instruction with productive labor in the use of advanced educational tools;

-organizes and participates actively in the development of experimental and research work on vocational education;

-provides organizational and methodological work in schools, as well as educational exchange network of enterprises and organizations and creates educational projects of the content of education, private teaching and innovation;

-develops educational documentation (basic vocational training programs: training plans and programs of subjects, materials and recommendations);

constantly improves forms and methods of vocational training and skills development. Participates in the equipment and development of material base of educational institutions.

Teacher training in the specialty 6.7.010104 (Teacher Education. Metals in mechanical engineering and instrument) is prepared to undertake the following types of vocational and educational activities:

professional training;

production and technological activities;

methodological work;

organizational and managerial activities;

research work.

Qualifications –“Training teacher”

 Complex knowledge in education and psychology. This profession is significant for all educational institutions: schools, vocational schools and technical schools, colleges and universities where a training teacher is able to teach the cycle of metallurgical disciplines and be a leader of various substructures of educational institutions.