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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Specialization "Informational-control systems and technologies",
speciality: 122 - Computer Science


Bachelor (4 years of tuition), specialist (5 years of tuition) or master degree (5 years of tuition) in the field of computer science, specialization: informational-control systems and technologies.


Skills of the graduated specialists:

- development and professional use of the wide class of computer and computer systems software;

- development of the industrial control software, intellectual systems of decision-making, real time modular systems and mass service systems;

- computer processing of audio and video data, time series in industry and economics, in the field of nondestructive control using artificial neuronal (neyro-fuzzy) and immune systems in metallurgy, machine building, chemical and aerospace industry, econimics and management;

- development and application of network INTERNET/INTRANET software, electronic circulation of documents and WEB-technologies.


Main goals of the profession 7.050101 01 "Informational-control systems and technologies" is training of highly skilled IT experts in the field of development and adaptation of different types data processing and control systems software.

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